Oils: Happy Oily New Year!

If you haven’t heard/guessed by now, I’m a bit crunchy and sell oils. I can give you all the why’s and wherefore’s if you ask, but unless you do, I’ll choose not to annoy the masses with my preachiness. Or, rather, I detest being preachy… but I love to share.

Keeping it to a minimum, we use Young Living in our home. If you ever want to know about how an oil can support you, or you’re interested in deals, just lemme know, and I’ll do what I can.

Without further adieu or harassment, I present YL’s January Promos, and some insight into how they can support you.

I almost always have a *personal* promo going, as well. #JustAskMe about it! #HappyOilyNewYear! #Sponsor1838202




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