Humor & Art: Cankersaurus

Canker sore on the roof of my mouth

Crowding my soft palate

And making me gag

You announce your entrance so early.

A minor irritation, an itch

You are accompanied for days with a prayer

That indeed you are not what you truly are.

Could you be…

A minor injury from a toothbrush?

A transient virus, an irritated taste bud?

But no, here you are!


After a rough night’s sleep, spent worrying I have

A sore throat.

No, it’s just you, Cankersaurus, and predictably,

You have brought a smaller friend.

Someday, you’ll grow together

Creating a full-blown Cankersaurus Monster.

I will wince while eating. My eyes will water

And I must endure the jokes that I have herpes

Just to add insult to injury.


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