Art: Evangelicals


Must go on record to say

I hate this word, and

the (often false) assumptions

it hoists upon so

many in this current day,

This broken culture,

And ugly, divisive world.


Art: Toilet Bowels and Toilet Goals

When having some alone time     toilet

At the at the comfort of your toilet

You find some written word

And heartily enjoy it.


It tends not to matter

The content of the writing

When sitting on the toilet

All reading is de-lighting.


So, when you wonder to yourself

Just how you wandered here

Look at your environs;

A toilet’s surely near.


A novelist I’ll never be,

Nor lofty, romantic poet

But I’ll (sadly), gladly make you laugh

While sitting on your toilet.

Art: A Tree Fell; it Didn’t Matter

Where is that meme…

I think it’s from Alice in Wonderland,

(but it could be something else)


“If you don’t know where you are going,

it really doesn’t matter?”

I’m at a loss

even knowing what I even want to attempt

beyond loving my husband

and all my kids

keeping them fed and amongst the living.

But, I wrote this.

Yesterday I crimped my hair (larged barrel),

And tonight, I’ll feed them all.

That’s okay.

Does the path beyond matter?

Not yesterday, today, or tomorrow…



Art: See: Snow Salt

And in February (sometimes March)

Comes that moment when

You look at the foyer and yell out,

“Good Lord! I sweep all the time,

But I must mop! How did this happen?”

Then, you remember

It’s been dark since November

And, half that time,

Everything was covered in glitter,

Candles, and trees, menorahs and beads

Why isn’t Indy on Central Time?

You have no leads….