Oils & Love: Peach Cobbler in a Mug

Do you see this? untitled

This is the mug of a woman who downed, well, a mug of tea in approximately 1.5 minutes.

There aren’t any peach essential oils out there, but you know what there is? Orange Vitality. Black tea (preferably Morning Thunder from Celestial Seasonings). And, pumpkin spice creamer.

Which, is exactly what this mug contain(ed). Heavily steeped black tea, tbsp. pumpkin spice creamer (International Delight this time around), and 1 drop of Orange Vitality. I wasn’t “going for” peach cobbler; it was a welcome surprise. Bonus: orange oils supports your body in all sorts of ways (Google limonene, if nothing else). Tons of antioxidants and a teeny bit of sugar in this little ol’ cup.

Oh, and all sorts of LOVE, because my husband has an almost constant hankering for peach cobbler. This is a much quicker, easier, healthier fix.



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