Let’s Talk Winter Skin -OR- WTHelychrisum? | Love&Oils&Art

You know those people who rocked amazing bods all while growing up, eating what they wanted, working out (maybe[?] a little), and acting like it was THAT minute bit of ejercicio that gave them the flat abs? Meanwhile, you’re soccer-ing, or dancing, or whatever 365 and eating Gatorade and Fiber One for lunch, and you’re still rocking the “double belly,” as my brothers called it?

*Ahem* Just me?

I spy Fiber One in the distance… SMILE!

As you can see from my downward spiral, I wasn’t one of the blessed ones when it came to even pre-birth-giving bodies. I was, however, one of the epidermis-cally blessed. Perfect combination skin that was only a bit dry in the winter and a bit oily in the summer, but not enough that I ever broke out. Ever. My parents blessed me and my brothers in that department (well, they had the “first whiskers” breakouts, but that’s a whole different thing–maybe I’ll break out when I start getting [edit: more] whiskers, too).

Thanks, y’all

So, it is with acute horror that I encountered my first skin problems in my 30’s. Sure, I had fought a bit of chemical-reaction dermatitis on my hands from time to time, but, my FACE? Aw, nawww…

After the roof of my mouth started blistering, I decided it was a good idea to find out what caused it, rather than die from anaphylactic shock at some kid-friendly, casual-dining hole, my last vision being a plate of frites. As it turns out, the frites where part of the problem; I digress. After eliminating allergens, things got better, but still…

Well, I’m just getting older, and that’s fine. Anything this side of pushing up daisies is A-OK with me. That said, the less-than-perfect skin, exacerbated by age and allergen-induced eczema from time to time, is beyond devastating for me (yes, that’s an exaggeration, but MAN, you do kind of get used to your face as you know it–you know?).


Have you seen all flowing dresses and cardigans?



Like a lot of people, my skin now gets dryer, and redder, and flakier, and itchier this time of year. It did when I was a kid, too; it’s just worse now. Oh, and the line between my brows (my transition to Bea Arthur is so deliciously close to completion!) stinks, too, but botox isn’t in my future.

Ridiculously long story longer, in desperation from days of itchy redness IN THE FACE, I scoured my oil collection for new ideas. Lavender and Melrose were not going to do the trick. Not for this.

Then, it happened. I found a weird suggestion, and I knew in my bones that this weird suggestion was the key to my totally normal, aging, winter-dry-itch skin. JuvaCleanse. Funny story: it’s for helping your body clean itself, namely, your liver. But, it contains helychrisum, and I followed my gut, said my prayers, slathered it all over my face, and hopped into bed.

Just like JCP Photos, no?


The good news: skin is 90% more comfortable and olive today. The bad news: I’m out of JuvaCleanse. The good news: I have another blend that contains helychrisum and no skin-unfriendly oils. It’s also a personal fave of mine from a scent standpoint. Aroma Life. Smells like awesome pipe tobacco, which, let’s be honest, one doesn’t  get to smell much anymore.

Which ingredient smells like tobacco?


That’s it. The big, dramatic punch-line.

Helychrisum (and by extension, the two blends) support winter skin, and the second one has a delicious calming scent, to boot…

and, I’m sharing ’cause I love y’all.

Check out the links, or Google it up on your own… and say ‘good riddance’ to Winter itch.



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