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Come and Get Your Delicious FAT BOMBS! | Art & Oils & Love

Food is an art, right? 

If you’re doing High Fat Low Carb (henceforth HFLC), at least most of the time, a dessert fat bomb takes the cake… leaves the cake?

I haven’t made one before; I’m sure there are better recipes out there. This one took me a grand total of a minute to make though, so, here you go. 

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A note on fats: fat stores chemicals, so it’s especially best to buy fats organic/non-GMO. So, a tip is that if you can’t always afford to buy organic meat, but the regular kind–lean. Add fats in the cooking from organic butter, ghee, coconut, olive oil (nut butter!), etc. 

  • Melt together equal parts coconut oil and food grade cocoa butter. Today, I did 1/4 c each. 
  • Cocoa butter will take much longer to melt. It is the fat in chocolate that makes it HARD. 
  • 1/4 c cocoa powder
  • Pinch of kosher salt
  • 1 packet Stevia
  • Flavors? I added a tbsp peanut butter (more fat, more protein). You could also add ginger, orange oil–a drop or two, max, will suffice. People also LOVE peppermint and cinnamon. So many Vitality oils to choose from for cooking… (Thieves!).
  • Of course, the sweetness, the additional flavor chosen, the amount of cocoa? All up to you. 
  • Pour in ice tray, stick in freezer, you’ll have fat bomb chocolates in less than 5 minutes! 

When the Seasons Change… And, When They Don’t |Love & Oils

You know when the seasons change (usually summer to fall, and winter to spring), and you get hit with a bunch of sneezing and itching?  About that…

The very reason I started using oils not quite three years ago was because spring was upon us, and as a pregnant gal, I wanted to get away from any “unnatural” sneezing and itching remedies. I was a skeptic, but I also felt like I was between a rock and a hard place, carrying arountitledund an “indivisible,” as Mike Tyson would say, inside of me.

I signed up for my kit–the best investment I’ve ever  made for our family (well, except the house and cars)–and, the rest is history. Lavender–often referred to as “The Swiss Army Knife of Oils” for its many uses–along with Lemon and Peppermint, became my BFF.

Fast forward to Indy, mid-January 2017: We basically didn’t have a fall. We’ve barely had a winter. What I mean by that is, it was flippin’ warm this fall, and apparently, January is the new October. Everybody thought this was just FABULOUS two months ago. Guess what? Being stuck in a perpetual, wet, relatively warm climate that isn’t anywhere near a beach? Well, it amplifies all the elements that make April and October in Indiana Such.A.Joy. to sneeze through.

Which is why, when I was about to lose my ever-loving mind a week ago due to external itching–and internal on the roof of my mouth and inside my nostrils–I could not have been happier for all my lavender products… hand soap, lotion, oatmeal bar soap, and of course, Lavender (Vitality, in this case) oil.

The good news? Lavender is still my best bud.

The bad news?  I had to throw out a bouquet of flowers, that couldn’t have been helping “things.” Also, as one might imagine, my best buddy was not super-tasty in concentrated form on the roof of my mouth.

Alas, next time, a mug of tea or a veggie capsule will be in order.



Fatty, Veggie, Chocolate-Protein Pancakes: It’s What’s for Dinner | Art & Oils & Love

Yo: it’s 6pm. You have kids. You DON’T have dinner made… and you have a sneaking suspicion your kid didn’t eat his veggies at school today. 

Full-disclosure: Our middle almost always eats his fruit and veggie. I know, it’s obnoxious; sorry. 

The others? Maybe not so much. So, here you go: 

  • 3 scoops Vega Chocolate Protein and Greens
  • 3 large eggs
  • ~3/4 c unsweetened applesauce
  • Pinch kosher or Himalayan salt 
  • 1-2 drops Orange Vitality Oil (could also do cinnamon and/or ginger)

You want to get this to ‘batter’ consistency, so use your judgment on the applesauce amount. 

I warm a cast iron skillet on the stove stop, melt butter, and add the batter, then stick under the broiler (middle rack) on low for ~10 mins.

You can also do this in a glass pie pan in the microwave… do it a minute at a time, and check if you go that route. 

Once it’s out, top with some semi-sweet chocolate chips,  nuts, nut butter, whatever you like… however you go ADD SALTED BUTTER–I like Kerrygold–especially if you do the chocolate chips, IMHO). 

The Stevia makes it call for some acid–in the Orange oil–and salt. 

Nutrients, protein, fat = filling, healthy, yummy. 

Hormonal Sebaceous, Pt. 2 | Love & Oils

Let’s dig into the personal a bit today, lady-folk (I can get to you gents later, but I hear a LOT less of you complaining about “things” being out of whack).

Several months ago, I posted a silly little poem about hormonal cysts. I’ve not dealt with acne much in my life, but I have dealt with the hormonal cysts (always on my face), that comes every, oh, let’s say 28-32 days.

Today, I saw this graphic on a friend’s page, and it reminded me that I absolutely must share my experience with Progressence Plus:


Graphic Credit: Emily Allison at ‘Dream Catchers’ on Facebook


Mine? Well, I got a lot of help from Big Pharma for nearly a couple of decades in controlling my hormones. But, after birthing our third son, and crossing the closer-to-40 mark, I decided I needed to start backing off those chemical hormones, as much good as they had done for me. It’s simply not recommended to go for too long beyond a certain age.

What frightened me most, though, what how I would feel without las drogas. And, if I wasn’t scared of how I would feel BEFORE going off the chemicals, I was mortified for the first two months that I actually did. Mortified with how I felt, the weight I gained, and most importantly, how I was reacting to/treating others.

Y’all, I was not #LovingOthersWell, and that’s A-Number 1 for me, especially when it comes to my family.

So, I tried the Progressence Plus–which, I’ll be honest–I had avoided because even I had reservations. You know, the ones I had about oils in general before I started using them. Namely, “This is for hormonal old broads and hippie weirdos who hate meds and normal people.”

There. I said it.

Because of my overwhelmingly good experiences with oils in spite of my initial trepidation, I knew I had to try it before giving in and going back to something I knew wasn’t serving my body best.

The bad news? It didn’t help me return to “normal” immediately. It was not a quick fix.

The GREAT news? It did send me on the long, slow, steady train out of crazy-town. I can honestly say that I am fully supported emotionally by this serum, which contains some nifty (and lovely-smelling) oils. I didn’t even have any totally normal, but highly unpleasant cyst that month.

By the end of it, I knew I had to re-order.

Post-script edit: Around the end of November, this went out of stock. “No biggie,” I thought. Again, because there had been no BAZINGA! quick reaction, I figured maybe I had just settled into a new normal. Why not use this as an opportunity to (torture myself), er, I mean, experiment? December was not my best month for loving people well. It’s back on this month’s order, and I won’t try that fun “experiment” with myself and my family again any time soon…

Art & Humor: Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler

I originally posted this 1/15/15. It’s good for a #repost. Namely, because this year’s Carnival Tree is still up. Old habits die hard, y’all.
Oh, Carnival Tree, Oh, Carnival Tree

You are indeed obnoxious

Oh, Carnival Tree, Oh, Carnival Tree

You make me green and nauseous.


We put you up a month ago

But taking down, we are so slow.


Oh, Carnival Tree, Oh, Carnival Tree

Your fleur-di-lis is crooked.


Oh, Carnival Tree, Oh, Carnival Tree

Your beads are kind of pretty

Oh, Carnival Tree, Oh, Carnival Tree

Have I been a mite petty?


Though Christmastime has come and passed

You are truly built to last


Oh, Carnival Tree, Oh, Carnival Tree

I love you ‘cause I’m lazy.