Hormonal Sebaceous, Pt. 2 | Love & Oils

Let’s dig into the personal a bit today, lady-folk (I can get to you gents later, but I hear a LOT less of you complaining about “things” being out of whack).

Several months ago, I posted a silly little poem about hormonal cysts. I’ve not dealt with acne much in my life, but I have dealt with the hormonal cysts (always on my face), that comes every, oh, let’s say 28-32 days.

Today, I saw this graphic on a friend’s page, and it reminded me that I absolutely must share my experience with Progressence Plus:


Graphic Credit: Emily Allison at ‘Dream Catchers’ on Facebook


Mine? Well, I got a lot of help from Big Pharma for nearly a couple of decades in controlling my hormones. But, after birthing our third son, and crossing the closer-to-40 mark, I decided I needed to start backing off those chemical hormones, as much good as they had done for me. It’s simply not recommended to go for too long beyond a certain age.

What frightened me most, though, what how I would feel without las drogas. And, if I wasn’t scared of how I would feel BEFORE going off the chemicals, I was mortified for the first two months that I actually did. Mortified with how I felt, the weight I gained, and most importantly, how I was reacting to/treating others.

Y’all, I was not #LovingOthersWell, and that’s A-Number 1 for me, especially when it comes to my family.

So, I tried the Progressence Plus–which, I’ll be honest–I had avoided because even I had reservations. You know, the ones I had about oils in general before I started using them. Namely, “This is for hormonal old broads and hippie weirdos who hate meds and normal people.”

There. I said it.

Because of my overwhelmingly good experiences with oils in spite of my initial trepidation, I knew I had to try it before giving in and going back to something I knew wasn’t serving my body best.

The bad news? It didn’t help me return to “normal” immediately. It was not a quick fix.

The GREAT news? It did send me on the long, slow, steady train out of crazy-town. I can honestly say that I am fully supported emotionally by this serum, which contains some nifty (and lovely-smelling) oils. I didn’t even have any totally normal, but highly unpleasant cyst that month.

By the end of it, I knew I had to re-order.

Post-script edit: Around the end of November, this went out of stock. “No biggie,” I thought. Again, because there had been no BAZINGA! quick reaction, I figured maybe I had just settled into a new normal. Why not use this as an opportunity to (torture myself), er, I mean, experiment? December was not my best month for loving people well. It’s back on this month’s order, and I won’t try that fun “experiment” with myself and my family again any time soon…


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