When the Seasons Change… And, When They Don’t |Love & Oils

You know when the seasons change (usually summer to fall, and winter to spring), and you get hit with a bunch of sneezing and itching?  About that…

The very reason I started using oils not quite three years ago was because spring was upon us, and as a pregnant gal, I wanted to get away from any “unnatural” sneezing and itching remedies. I was a skeptic, but I also felt like I was between a rock and a hard place, carrying arountitledund an “indivisible,” as Mike Tyson would say, inside of me.

I signed up for my kit–the best investment I’ve ever  made for our family (well, except the house and cars)–and, the rest is history. Lavender–often referred to as “The Swiss Army Knife of Oils” for its many uses–along with Lemon and Peppermint, became my BFF.

Fast forward to Indy, mid-January 2017: We basically didn’t have a fall. We’ve barely had a winter. What I mean by that is, it was flippin’ warm this fall, and apparently, January is the new October. Everybody thought this was just FABULOUS two months ago. Guess what? Being stuck in a perpetual, wet, relatively warm climate that isn’t anywhere near a beach? Well, it amplifies all the elements that make April and October in Indiana Such.A.Joy. to sneeze through.

Which is why, when I was about to lose my ever-loving mind a week ago due to external itching–and internal on the roof of my mouth and inside my nostrils–I could not have been happier for all my lavender products… hand soap, lotion, oatmeal bar soap, and of course, Lavender (Vitality, in this case) oil.

The good news? Lavender is still my best bud.

The bad news?  I had to throw out a bouquet of flowers, that couldn’t have been helping “things.” Also, as one might imagine, my best buddy was not super-tasty in concentrated form on the roof of my mouth.

Alas, next time, a mug of tea or a veggie capsule will be in order.




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