Mmmm… Monday: Aldi ‘Ham’ & Beans | Love

I promised recipes. Here’s one that costs about $4.50, and takes 15 minutes, 20 max.:

Pick up one of those turkey hams from Aldi, about 2 lbs, and a whole $2.49. It legit tastes like ham, but isn’t. Which is important when you have a pork allergy like me…


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While you’re there, buy a can 2 cans of Canellini or White Navy beans. A can of Garbanzo’s, as well.


Here’s what you do:

Dice up that ham according to how much you’d like in a pot of beans. Freeze the rest. Future dinner. Yay.

Get a skillet out (preferably cast iron, but whatever), add some olive oil, and cook up the ham. Personally, I like it kind of crispy-critters, but that’s your call.

Once that’s done, add all your (rinsed) beans. As well as:
about 3/4c water
tbsp salt
2tsp pepper (black… if you use red like me, a LOT less, like, 1/2 tsp)
tbsp onion powder
tsp garlic powder
1tsp liquid smoke (smoked paprika would also work).

Simmer on stovetop for ~10 mins.

Remove from heat, and hand-mash about half the pan. Stir back together. This gives you that nice thickness of ‘gravy,’ but still texture–especially with those garbanzos! That’s why I use them.

That’s it! Obviously, adjust seasoning to you’re liking.

Some others you might try and see how you like it: paprika, ground mustard, marjoram, allspice, and of course, something mild and green, like spinach, kale, or parsley would work.


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