Floral Rejuvenation & Spring Cleaning| Love & Oils & Art. Ish.

A posted a fĂłto of these beauties several days ago, and they’re still going strong! My secret? Purification oil. 

Not only does it smell amazing, keep warm weather biting critters at bay, and purify the air and surfaces, yes, it helps sustain cut flowers, as well. 

I’m constantly amazed what these little bottles of plant juice have done and continue to do for my family. But Purification and Thieves? They rank right at the top, because they are the safest way to keep the our home–furniture, carpet, dishes, laundry, even teeth and flowers (!) so fresh and so clean-clean 😁. 

This graphic of ways to get the toxins out of Spring Cleaning this years? Totes amazeballs. And, there’s even more where that comes from… 

Meatless Monday -OR- Easiest Dinner Ever, Courtesy MorningStar | Love &A

See this?

Mediterranean Chickpea “Burgers” 

And, this?

Diced, drained tomatoes 

And, finally, this?

This is sliced mozzarella, but you could use fresh mozz, swiss, or havarti, too. 

These are what you’ll need for dinner tonight–or any night–on the fly. I know, because I did it last night for my kids. Looking to incorporate a little less meat into your diet? This recipe is even better for that.

Pick up a bag of MorningStar Mediterranean Chickpea patties (they call them burgers, but I don’t like that phrase, because I don’t think it’s supposed to taste like a BURGER. It’s supposed to taste like Mediterranean deliciousness).

Stick that patty into the microwave for a minute. Turn on a skillet if you like yours crispier (I do). Add just a touch of oil to the pan, and cook on one side, medium-high heat till crispy. That shouldn’t take more than a minute if the pan is pre-heated.

Drop the burner down to low, flip over, and top the crispy side with diced, drained tomatoes. Top that with cheese. Put a lid on it, and let the cheese melt, making sure you don’t burn the bottom; easy enough now that the pan is on low.

That’s it!

Don’t serve it on a bun, Don’t tell your kids it’s pizza or burgers; you’re setting them up for disappointment. “Pizza patties” worked for my kids.

While this patty does much of the work for you in the flavor department, you certainly can punch it up a notch.

Add flavor to the tomatoes for a more “grown up” taste–pesto, fresh herbs, red pepper for spice, rosemary/oregano/thyme/basil Vitality oils. You name it, you can add it.